November 2021 eCourtDate Updates Blog

1 month ago

The Log Blog

November is in the rearview, and we want to recap all of the great enhancements and additions we made to your eCourtDate app last month. Read on to see how we are always working to make your life easier, your agency more efficient, and us- just more awesome.

Export Enhancements

We made 3 changes to Exports in November designed to help you work smarter rather than harder. The first of these was to add a button to simplify the main Reports page. Now instead of a list of recent exports, you will see this: , or something very similar, on the Reports page.

Next, we added two Search options. The first allows you to search previously exported Report CSVs based on the file name. The second allows you to search your Unreachable reports by their file name as well.

Speaking of Unreachable Reports…

We have added several new features and functionalities to the Unreachable Reports.

  • Added the ability to search by date range instead of just a single date.
  • Added the ability to search by a specific Unreachable reason.
  • Added "Created After Event Date" as a possible unreachable reason.
  • Added the ability to search by a specific event location, event type, and case number.
  • Replaced the "Exports" file list with a progressive download "CSV" button.
  • Adjusted unreachable processing to intelligently rerun based on data availability.

We have also added a Location Name field to the Unreachable reports. This way you should be able to query your report by where an Event takes place.

Self-Enrollment Portal Enhancements

We actually started off November rolling out two great Portal features for users who have clients who self-enroll through their case portals. The Self-Enroll Enabled Fields Portal setting now allows users to customize the fields used on the Portal Self-Enrollment page. You can edit the field name as well as its position by dragging and dropping the enabled fields. If you don't enable any fields, then the default new client fields are used. Following that change, we also made the title and descriptions of the self enrollment fields customizable by using the Self-Enroll Title and Description Portal settings.

self-enrollent title description fields

Additional Enhancements

There are three more cool features and enhancement we added toward the end of November as well:

We’d love to help!

We added and enabled a Chat feature in the Console and the “No Agencies" page. Our world class customer support is always available to you, and now it is easier than ever to access.

A New Button for Quicker Status Updates

A "refresh" button has been added to each upload on the main uploads page. This can be used to quickly update the status of an upload that is processing.

uploads refresh button
And Last but Not Least…

Console IDPs may be configured to use the Console as a region apart from staging, us-east, and us-west.

console region

Another Busy Month

And with that another busy month is fully behind us and our developers are busy with their December updates. You can always check out our Changelog updates as we go here or join us next month for another blog where I give you the monthly rundown.

As always, many of our updates are inspired by you- our users, so if you have ideas on how we can make eCourtDate simpler, more elegant, or more useful to you, we would love to hear about it!