August 2021 Updates Blog

3 weeks ago

BLOG-eCourtDate system enhancements, feature additions, and updates for August 2021.

Does Your Court or Agency Need HIPAA Compliance?

1 month ago

Courts and justice agencies should be able to choose how, when, and to whom the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) they handle is released. eCourtDate's HIPPA Compliance ensures a government level of security and encryption.

Send Automated Victim Notifications with eCourtDate

5 months ago

Victims of crime deserve to be notified of criminal proceedings and of information about the conviction, sentencing, imprisonment, and release of the offender in their case. eCourtDate supports crime victims’ rights by simplifying the victim notification process for court systems on every level. With our system, victim notification messages can be set to trigger automatically based on qualifying events, like a parole hearing. Notifications can be sent by text, email, or phone, in the victim’s language.

Automated Payment Reminders and Mobile Payments Reduce FTA

5 months ago

(Part 2 of 2 in a blog series about making court payments accessible and simple.)With personalized payment portals that link from emails and texts that we send automatically that same app functionality that your client is accustomed to using to order their Chipotle and Starbucks is available to them for your court.

For Court Payments, Mobile is KEY.

5 months ago

(Part 1 of 2 in a blog series about making court payments accessible and simple.)While smartphones have become a modern marvel of convenience for most of us, the bulk of Americans still have additional ways to get online. Truly, many of us have spent the last year tied very closely to our computers and our WiFi and routers, for work, school, and basic connectivity to much else in our lives. One in five Americans, however, are what Pew refers to as “Smartphone Dependent.” These Americans have Smartphones, but no other home internet service- they rely solely on their cell phones for internet access.